Thursday, April 8, 2010

:: @kJ wif lurve ::

salam ^_^
aip3.. buchuk... kite da ade kJ neh..
ello bintangku.. :)
S... gonna mish2ing u..

wake up early.. go to english for general purpose.. talk bout short story wif moral value..
i'm talked 'bout lying.. hehehe.. lying???!!!!
then, wht will happend to me.. in 5years time?? i didn't said that i'll be married.. but.. i wanna be RA and build my own business.. maybe in event management.. hihi.. and now i still learn bout this both of fields..
(thanks to ekay, sha lien, irah and LC's staff)
now.. i'm here.. @ my hometown.. KJ..
spend time wif my boys.. my family.. mish2...:)

so sad, acctually, i hope tht i can wc wif mr.s.. but.. he got fever..
need to rest..
mish u larh S.. mish that "cute" face that u had make last night.. hehehe.. :)

kamu.. hurm.. :)
i knw u'r ok rght now.. wif ur "lurve".. a "bola"..
right ??? hehehe..
i'll treat u a lunch.. but..
(see u..when i'm on KT ye..)

sha lien, ekay...
wht's up??
bank-in?? so worried 'bout that.. hurm.. :S



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